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Elwyn is a non-profit human services organization recognized nationally and internationally as experts in the education and care of individuals with special challenges. Founded in 1852 to educate children with intellectual disabilities, today Elwyn is a leading provider of services for people with special needs of all ages. Elwyn supports programs in schools, community sites, workplaces, and individual homes in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and California.

Elwyn serves over 12,000 people each year. Elwyn operates more than 80 community homes serving people with intellectual disabilities and 10 homes for people with behavioral health needs.
Elwyn employs more than 3,500 full and part-time staff and provides an employment or day activity experience to over 2,500 people each year. Early intervention services are provided to more than 2,000 children each year and special education outreach supports more than 4,000 children each year.

By creating the Elwyn NC subsidiary, Elwyn brought its philosophy of family involvement and team process to the California Regional Center System to cooperatively achieve successful outcomes for individuals moving from the Developmental Center System to community living arrangements. Elwyn NC currently operates 13 homes that were developed for individuals transitioning from Agnews Developmental Center in San Jose, CA into community living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Elwyn NC also has agreements with multiple Los Angeles area Regional Centers to develop residential services for people transitioning from Lanterman Developmental Center into community living in the Los Angeles area.

Elwyn NC currently operates homes for people with Developmental Disabilities and skilled nursing needs and / or behavioral health needs.

California Department of Developmental Services - Appeals Procedure:
www.dds.ca.gov/complaints or (916) 654-1987

Career Opportunities

Elwyn NC helps people with a wide range of disabilities and disadvantages build independent and meaningful lives. Are you interested in a career that helps make a difference in the lives of adults with special needs? Click here to see a list of career opportunities currently available in Northern and Southern California.
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